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Different Services that MS Staffing Solutions offers

Temporary Placement

MS Staffing Solutions provides temporary placement. We give the employer the possibility to get the work done without being committed. There are so many circumstances where the company has a short-term project or wants a position to be filled temporarily so the work can get done while their employees are on leaves.

Temp to Hire

MS Staffing Solutions offers temp to hire, so we give the company a chance to try out an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. That gives the business a chance to evaluate the skills and ethic of the employee; to see if this person will be suitable with the business culture. Lately we found that a lot of companies before they hire an employee they want to make sure that his or her skills are matched well enough to the company where they are working as a temporary employee, if the temp meet the expectation they may be offered permanent employment with that company.

Permanent placement

We know that finding qualified, skilled employees can be time-consuming. MS Staffing Solutions can save companies time and money by doing the whole process for them.


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